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Work Abroad

With the right planning, engineering students can study, conduct research or intern abroad for a summer or semester while completing their degree requirements.  You can experience a new culture and environment while also gaining valuable engineering experience and building up your resume.

 Learn about a new place, meet new people, make new experiences that challenge you to think differently. Employers are looking for candidates that are adaptable to new circumstances and can work effectively in diverse groups.  While internships are available in countries like England, Australia, and Ireland, it can also be a great opportunity to go to a non-English speaking country.  Speaking a language other than English sets you apart from the majority of U.S. job candidates. International work experience shows that you are open to new ideas and places, have worked with people that are different from yourself, and are willing to challenge yourself.


  • Visit the study abroad section of the International and Leadership Programs website.  Contact Ramsey Jabaji at to see if/how any credits might transfer to UMD, discuss your 4-year plan, and taking advantage of all the opportunities that are being provided abroad.
    • International Engineering Minor - An international internship will fulfill one of the requirements for the international minor—even if you are not taking any engineering classes abroad. Click here to learn more about the International Engineering Minor.
  • Going Global is a portal that provides information on thousands of international internships and employment opportunities. It also provides several country-specific profiles so you can learn about job search tips, work culture, resume and interview advice, and much more.
    • Sign into Going Global through Careers4Terps (C4T) with your directory ID and password. Once logged in to C4T, click on the GoinGlobal link on the Jump To menu on the right of the page.
    • Additional information can also be found on the Job Board page.
  • Research in Germany - information on conducting and funding research in Germany
  • For more information about how to begin your international internship job search, check out our International Internships Guide [pdf].
  • Diversity Abroad recently hosted a webinar on International Internships that outlines what it means to intern abroad and what you should consider.  You may view the full 50 minute video here.

Costs and Funding

In the U.S., technical internships and co-op positions in industry are often paid, but outside the U.S., engineering students generally are not paid for their internships. If you do not already have citizenship for your host country, you will need to consider the cost and feasibility of obtaining a work permit. Program providers that help students find internships abroad usually charge fees for internship placement, assistance with housing and visa applications, and on-site assistance. It is worth applying for scholarships and fellowships.

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